Reduced carbon footprint; reduced costs

Installing the right charger could save you in excess of £200 per year in electricity bills – and it’s good for the environment!

Making it easy to save money

With our huge range of options, Charge Compare makes it simple for you to compare electric car chargers and find the right option for you. Whether you’re looking to cut costs, improve your usage or are installing your first charger, Chare Compare can help you with all of the above.

Our leading systems work fast to provide you with quotes based on your electric car make and model, budget and required features, to find you the best deal on your electric car charger.

A comparison partner you can trust

Our aim is simple – to take the hard work out of electric car charger comparisons for you, so you can spend more time enjoying the open road. Charge Compare is an unbiased comparison partner, bringing together prices from many manufacturers to find the right charger to suit your needs. It’s our job to make your decision simple by comparing products and prices from industry-leading providers to secure the best deal.

Finding the right electric car charger for you

We don’t just bombard you with any and all products; with Charge Compare you can refine your search to find options which suit your vehicle and budget specifically. Tailor your search to include or exclude certain features, and compare by cost and rating to find the right electric car charger from all available options.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do electric car owners want to know?

Why install an electric car charger at home?
Simply put – convenience and reduced costs! Electric vehicle charging ports are quick and easy to install, and remove the need for you to drive to a designated petrol station or public charging point; rest easy knowing that your car will be fully charged when you wake up in the morning, ready to go.

It’s also a faster, more efficient way to charge – not to mention potentially saving you money in electricity costs. By using Charge Compare to compare products, you’ll ensure you’ve explored all options before choosing the right electric car charger for you.
Does Charge Compare do installations or just compare electric car chargers?
Here at Charge Compare, our aim is not just to find you the best deal on your electricity but to ensure it’s installed safely too. We conduct installations across the UK of all products with a team of expert technicians; from fitting to electrical testing and safety checking, we manage each project from start to finish.
What’s the difference between a tethered or socketed electric car charger?
A tethered charger has the cable hardwired, whilst a socketed charger requires the cable to be connected each time. There’s no real difference in performance – it’s simply a case of having to purchase a cable separately, or not.

Socketed chargers tend to look somewhat tidier on your property as the cable can be removed; it’s also worth bearing in mind that tethered charger cables are pre-installed and as such fixed, therefore you can’t purchase a longer one if needed.

Charge smarter & save over £200 a year

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Save over £200 a year