Receive £350 per EV charge point with the Workplace Charger Scheme. Save up to £14,000

Receive £350 per EV charge point with the Workplace Charger Scheme.




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If you are considering installing charging points at your business, here are a few benefits to consider:

Businesses can make huge cost savings annually on fuel by switching to an electric fleet over a commercial fleet.

Employees can also reap the benefits of having workplace electric charging points which demonstrates a responsive and forward-thinking employer.

You can reduce employee “benefit in kind” tax for company cars.

Retailers with EV charging stations may motivate customers to stay longer!

By creating a green fleet, you can reduce carbon emissions sending an ecofriendly message throughout your business.

Stay ahead of the competition – by creating a greener more sustainable work environment.

What is the process?

From start to finish the process is simple, we guide you through your initial enquiry through to smooth installation.


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